Lubiana - Feeling Low


Artiste : Lubiana
Production : Magicowl Prod
Director : Mehdi Semoulin
Art Director : Brooke Petrone
Storyboard : Brooke Petrone
Vidéo Editing : Mehdi Semoulin
Sound Design : Michel Grigorakis
Set Design & accesories : Magicowl
Music Producer : Samuel Rabet
Color Grader : Blaise Jadoul
2D Animator : Ludwig Bisiau
Shadow Puppeter : Walpix
Costume Designer : Brooke Petrone
Photos : Accalmie
La presse en parle

La Province
La Province

" Magicowl, c'est une énergie unique et inarrêtable, qui pousse les frontières du possible et ne se fixe aucunes limites. Magicowl c'est la passion du travail ou le travail de la passion, difficile à dire tellement ils confondent les deux.Magicowl c'est aussi et surtout une équipe bienveillante, attachante, humble et honnête que je vous défie de ne pas aimer." LUBIANA

"Feeling Low is addicting on so many levels ! This wonderful song by Lubiana is full of good vibes and positive energy. In addition, the music video directed by Semoulin Mehdi makes it more than just a good song. It makes it MAGICAL.
With a beautiful story about a man who begins to dream about a blue godess(Lubiana) in a magical wood, incredible art work and excellent cinematography, Feeling low is a joy for the eyes." LOS ANGELES FILM AWARDS

"There should be a WARNING at the top:Feeling Low is addicting ! Lubiana's voice & energy and the song's positive message are the base of this wonderful music video.Director Semoulin Mehdi and his team at Magicowl use their artistic vision to make an exciting and colorful short film that you'd want to watch over and over again." TOPSHORTS "

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