KONOBA - Magic Mellow

Production: Magicowl Prod
Script & Concept: Mehdi Semoulin
Direction/DOP: Mehdi Semoulin
Camera: Jorge Venegas
Set & Costumes: Magicowl Prod
Edit & Colour grading: Mehdi Semoulin
Photography: Orlando Campione
Hair: Damien Godzek
Make-up: Mercedes Urbano Garcia

Special thanks to 

Matthias Neukens, Nicolas Ceron,
Julien Bauwens, Andy Leleu, Jipex,
Jprm Buy, Patrick Semoulin,David Rerat,
Yasmeen Boechat Ramos Janati,
Stéphanie Leclercq, Pandora & Gérardo.

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